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Custom Orthotics

Dr. Motyer specializes in accurately analyzing the muscles, tendons and bones in your feet in order to prescribe orthoses that will correct your foot alignment, walking and posture.

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

With over 2,600 foot and ankle surgeries performed, Dr. Motyer can help you with a variety of foot and ankle problems, reconstructions and routine foot surgery procedures.

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Bunion Surgery

As one of the most sought-after Foot Doctors in Canada, Dr. Motyer offers Tri-Correctional Bunion Surgery that will empower you to get back to your daily routine as quickly as possible.

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Foot and Ankle Pain

There are many contributing factors to why you might be experiencing foot and ankle pain. From small children to seniors, Dr. Motyer can help alleviate your foot and ankle pain in British Columbia.

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 North Okanagan Locations to Serve You!

Vernon Clinic & Surgery Centre
3005- 41st Avenue
Vernon, BC  V1T 3H8
(250) 260-3668

Kamloops Clinic
1966 Harrison Way
Kamloops, BC V1S 1M9
1 (844) 260-3668

Kelowna Clinic
132- 1835 Gordon Drive
Kelowna, BC V1Y 3H4
1 (844) 260-3668


Premier Vernon Foot Doctor in British Columbia

From foot and ankle surgery in our fully equipped surgical suite to prescription orthoticsbunionsfungusingrown toenails and more, Dr. Michael Motyer is dedicated to your foot health. He is a well respected and renowned Canadian surgeon/podiatrist serving the communities of Vernon, Kelowna, and Kamloops and is providing treatment to those that are currently experiencing foot or ankle pain.

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Experiencing Foot or Ankle Pain?

At North Okanagan Foot and Ankle, with offices serving Vernon, Kelowna, and Kamloops British Columbia, we understand how foot and ankle pain can prevent you from enjoying your regular lifestyle and daily activities.

With many incredible advances in technology and science, those with chronic or persistent foot or ankle problems no longer have to suffer and can find relief and treatment of all major or minor foot and ankle problems from our Vernon Foot Doctor.

Foot and Ankle Conditions

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Vernon: (250) 260-FOOT (3668)      Kamloops: 1 (844) 260-FOOT (3668) 

 Kelowna: 1(844)260-FOOT (3668)